Tips to help you stop overthinking

You can also read this post on our new site. We’ve all been there. You know, the times when we randomly think of a brilliant idea but then never get round to doing it because we start questioning it, overthinking, or even worse self-doubting till we brush it off. But we all know that that… Continue reading Tips to help you stop overthinking

Bio Hacks of the Week

Activating your brain & body's superPOWERS! You can also view this post here on our new site. Portable Water Ionizer $60 USD Optimize your hydration with a Water Ionizer.Drink ionized alkaline water. Since our bodies are made of 70-80% water, every bodily function relies on our body's hydration - from digestion, energy, mental clarity/focus, to… Continue reading Bio Hacks of the Week

Getting organised in 2020

This post can also be found on our new site. Every January, we all want to start afresh. Resolutions are made, new ideas are put together, and changes are awaited. So today, I bring you tips to get organised this new year, with a to do list so that you are able to maximise your… Continue reading Getting organised in 2020

Year in review: Looking back at our achievements, and looking forward to our goals

This post can also be found on our new site. My favourite month is coming to an end, as is this year… and this decade! Many of us have now started planning on starting afresh which involves setting new goals as well as re-attempting targets we haven’t met. We call these the infamous New Year’s… Continue reading Year in review: Looking back at our achievements, and looking forward to our goals

Making the ultimate morning routine

Also available on our new site here. Mornings are important but can also be hard to get started on the right note. It’s important to have a set routine in your morning that helps you get the most of your day. I’ve compiled some steps to a more powerful morning routine that will not only… Continue reading Making the ultimate morning routine

Lifestyle bio hacks for a more productive week

Post also available here on our new site. Recently I have discovered that there are certain habits good or bad that can predict the outcome of your weeks. It’s more obvious to me now especially in this day and age with technology. We use it to interact with our friends, families, coworkers, etc. It’s unavoidable.… Continue reading Lifestyle bio hacks for a more productive week

7 Staple Must-Haves for Fall

Post is also available on our new site here. One of the best things about Fall is the fashion! Apart from the beautiful change in color, the trees go through- every girlie girl can agree with me that the moment September arrives, breaking out those suede boots and corduroy mini-skirts brings upon excitement and enthusiasm… Continue reading 7 Staple Must-Haves for Fall

What to do with unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories I recently decided to clean out my closet. Since my move to Colorado I have been extremely environmentally conscious, trying to live responsibly on this planet and not abuse it. I’ve also undertaken a minimalist lifestyle since I packed up and left New York, and I have to say that the less materialistic things,… Continue reading What to do with unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories

Long Hiatus

Hello Ferominas! So Tasnima and I took a long hiatus from blog writing to enjoy our summers and re-spark our creative energies. We have also come up with some great and interesting topics for the next few weeks to jumpstart Fall! We are also working actively on our new domain launch and hope we will… Continue reading Long Hiatus

All the beauty essentials we need this summer!

It’s (almost) that time of year again, when we start believing in the ‘less is more’ approach and swap all our beauty products from the winter for that sun-kissed appearance. If you're stuck for which products to opt for, then fret no more as we are here to give you a low-down on all your… Continue reading All the beauty essentials we need this summer!