My Experience with ‘Green Crack’ this weekend

So this past weekend, I had a bit of a setback. Not as productive a weekend as I would have hoped for. Sadly the weather was amazingly gorgeous so I missed out on an outing with my dog as well. It all began when I had decided to take the trip to a dispensary to… Continue reading My Experience with ‘Green Crack’ this weekend

Lookback on the year.

With 1 day left until my 31st birthday, I had to make this week’s post about turning yet another year older. There was a lot that happened when I turned 30. I left New York City after being there for nearly 11 years (since I was a mere 18 years old!) from college to career… Continue reading Lookback on the year.

Dior exhibit in Denver

Last weekend I had spent visiting the Denver Art Museum in the city downtown, for the Dior exhibit. Coming from New York, you are a bit conditioned to expect WOW but WOW this exhibit was just AMAZing. The most beautifully crafted, detailed dresses, suits, ethnic wear, retro wear - basically from every era styled with… Continue reading Dior exhibit in Denver

So I decided to start a blog…

Hello World! My first ever blog post is here. I guess I don't currently know what to write about but that's the whole point of this write..right? I felt that I wanted to share my experiences, stories, even ideas in this beautiful life of ours, here online. So..the older I get, I find myself… Continue reading So I decided to start a blog…