Lifestyle bio hacks for a more productive week

Post also available here on our new site. Recently I have discovered that there are certain habits good or bad that can predict the outcome of your weeks. It’s more obvious to me now especially in this day and age with technology. We use it to interact with our friends, families, coworkers, etc. It’s unavoidable.… Continue reading Lifestyle bio hacks for a more productive week

Your Ultimate Travel Guide To Paris

You can also read this post on our new site. Paris, the French capital that has been attracting visitors for centuries. Having had the good fortune to visit this city on numerous occasions including last month, today I bring you your ultimate travel guide to Paris! Best times to visit: July-September if you want to enjoy… Continue reading Your Ultimate Travel Guide To Paris

7 Staple Must-Haves for Fall

Post is also available on our new site here. One of the best things about Fall is the fashion! Apart from the beautiful change in color, the trees go through- every girlie girl can agree with me that the moment September arrives, breaking out those suede boots and corduroy mini-skirts brings upon excitement and enthusiasm… Continue reading 7 Staple Must-Haves for Fall

My Favourite Fall Lipsticks – Drugstore and High End

I know it’s been a while, but WE ARE BACK and in the process of moving. Please check out our new home at where you’ll find this post along with all our older ones. Please keep your eyes pierced as we'll inform you all when we decide to switch over to the new site… Continue reading My Favourite Fall Lipsticks – Drugstore and High End