What to do with unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories


I recently decided to clean out my closet. Since my move to Colorado I have been extremely environmentally conscious, trying to live responsibly on this planet and not abuse it. I’ve also undertaken a minimalist lifestyle since I packed up and left New York, and I have to say that the less materialistic things, the more space, the better my mind has been functioning. I always feel energized just being in my apartment/space. When I have people over they think I JUST moved in but they come to found out it’s been a year already since I have been here, lol. That is for a reason I have my space wide open – with only 2 pieces of furniture (the bare necessities being a couch and a coffee table) in my living area (which makes up most of the space in my 1100 sq ft apartment).

I prefer to have less material items and instead more money and assets saved so I can live in quality versus quantity. I would rather spend the extra cash on organic, clean, and healthy food or travel or experiences. But there are times on occasion I will shop for clothes and shoes in small amounts when needed..but I don’t like to accrue items so what do I do with the ones I’ve stopped wearing or just am bored of? I look for items in my closet that are in good to excellent condition, even some items with tags, and I sell them. The ones that are damaged I donate. I have used various platforms (like Poshmark, eBay, etc) that sell personal goods like clothes but they have never been 100% successful all the time.

I am a big Reformation shopper. I used to live on the same block in New York where the Reformation store is so I would go shopping (or sometimes window shopping, lol) there. I love their clothes and their cause (they are environmentally sound) but they are EXPENSIVE.
I discovered they have recently become affiliated with ThredUp so after a recent sale purchase I made through Reformation they sent me a free ThredUp bag that I ended up activating!

I also learned that you can get this bag for free each time with or without making a purchase through a simple url that goes like thredup.com/yourstorename

The clean out bag has a code which you ‘activate’ on their website or through a URL – if you are wanting to gain store credit through a retailer you shop with (if they participate in the program).

After filling up the bag to its brim with clothes, a coat, shoes, accessories, I dropped it off at the Fedex shipping center and it was free! I did not have to pay for shipping, the shipping label on the bag is already there. It takes about a week to process but once they’re processed, ThredUp will give you an itemized list of your items and their worth. If you decided to use ThredUp through the store you shop with, the store credit will be given to you through your store. You can also use thredup alone as an online consignment to sell your items.

I feel like not enough people know about this which is why I had to share my experience. It’s gratifying to earn money on clothes you stopped wearing and would have probably just dropped into a Goodwill or somewhere for donation. It also feels good because you can see how well your items were received and you begin to take pride in taking better care of your items.  

ThredUp evaluates on a few basic standards:

-Must be clean

-Not stained or ripped

-In pretty good condition

-Somewhat in trend (or clothing/shoes bought within the last 5 years or so)

I try to respect the piece of clothing I have. I know it took a lot to make and with the world’s resources being threatened between the Amazon, Ice caps melting, and overall climate change it’s important to take a deep look at your imprint – from clothes to shoes to everything you purchase or consume.

Let’s try to reuse, recreate, and save money!

Until next time!

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